Antwerp 2013 - Antwerp Law Courts

One of the main reasons for our visit to Antwerp was to see a major work by Richard Rogers - the Antwerp Law Courts. Completed in 2006, this huge building complex is one of the number of ambitious projects built to revitalize the city.

From the outside, the building at first looked a bit ordinary. The low-rise design look like many other modern office building projects around the World. Once you get to the main entrance - you begin to see something unusual. The first thing that catches your eye are the soaring roof structures which anchor the main entrance plaza. They look a bit like sails of a boat. 

It is when you enter the large entrance lobby that you can begin to appreciate the beauty of the design. The high-tech structures, clarity of planning and rigorous detailing are hallmarks of Richard Roger's designs.

The internal roof lining of the law courts is a marvel of wood engineering, and is the most impressive feature of the design.


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