Ipoh 2012 - Char Kuih Tiaw at Sin Lean Lee Kopitiam

Just across the road from Kong Heng Kopitiam is another famous Ipoh food spot - Sin Lean Lee Kopitiam. This shop is famous for the Char Kuih Tiaw. I went there for a light breakfast before my sojourn to Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant - having read that the portion is very small. Just nice for breakfast before The Breakfast - I thought!

The Char Kuih Tiaw is actually a very small portion. I think you would need at least 2 or 3 to fill your tummy. It is topped with an egg - very good, but not so good that you would make a special trip for it.

The man who fries the Kuih Tiaw is very animated. He actually jumps up and down to amplify his frying action. Very entertaining to watch. Wish I had taken a video.

 Another note on this cafe - the coffee is really good. It is typical Ipoh coffee - thick and creamy. And it is still served in the original kopitiam coffee cups. These are almost extinct and have become collectors' items.


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