Taipei 2012 - Home Boutique Hotel

Home Boutique Hotel is one of the new generation of hotels in Taipei that tries to offer a more unique experience as compared to the standard chain hotel. Located in the posh Xinyi District, this hotel is within striking distance to Taipei 101. In fact many of the rooms offer a view of the iconic building, and you can also see it also from the bar and lounge.

The hotel is accessed from a ground floor lobby which doubles as a gallery space. The main reception is actually on the 3rd floor. Overall the design veers away from the minimalist style that is the favourite design approach for most modern boutique hotels. Instead it tries to create a rich and warm ambiance by using dark wooden tones, rich plush leather upholstery, and warm colour palettes.

The rich and dark palette of the bar lounge creates a cosy gentlemen's club atmosphere.

Room furnishing are all Taiwanese designed and made. I wouldn't mind some of these for my house.


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