Bali 2019 - Kecak Dance at Pura Dalem Ubud

Kecak Dance is a dance performance based on a trance ritual that was created by German painter and musician Walter Spies in the 1930s. The dance drama was based on Hindu Ramayana legend – and was meant to be performed for a mainly Western tourist audience. Today you can find Kecak Dance performed everywhere in Bali – with the most popular one probably at Uluwatu. As I was in Ubud – I decided to go to the performance at Pura Dalem Temple. The dance was performed in the open stage inside the temple complex.

This is a performance that you really have to get yourself in the mood to enjoy. It can be quite repetitive – with the same chants and movements repeated seemingly ad nauseum – interspersed with some costumed performers. However if you allow yourself to get with the flow – you will enjoy it much more – as the repetitive chants can get you into a trance state in sync with the performers.


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