Taipei 2012 - Ramen Kagetsu Arashi in Ximending

There are plenty of ramen shops in Taipei and I wanted to have at least one ramen experience during the trip. While wondering around Ximending I came across this shop which is part of a popular chain in Japan. Called Ramen Kagetsu Arashi - their specialty is shoyu tonkotsu ramen. That was what I ordered.

The decor of the shop looks like a modernized ramen-ya crossed with MacDonalds. All the staff wore sharp looking modern Japanese uniform and always give a shout-out whenever somebody enters or leaves the shop.

And the ramen - it is delicious ! The broth is thick and creamy as it should be - with very rich taste of pork and garlic. This is probably as close a taste of ramen as you can get outside of Japan. The pork "chasu" are melt in the mouth tender. My only gripe would be with the eggs - which were over-cooked. The egg yolk should be soft and runny instead of hard and dry.


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