Shanghai World Expo 2010 - The Netherlands Pavilion

The designers of the Netherlands Pavilion wanted this to be the happiest pavilion at the Expo, and they have achieved it in spades ! Called “Happy Street”, this is definitely the most cheerful looking pavilion of all.

The pavilion has a completely open concept - it has no walls but a continuous ramp which links together a series of "houses" supported on stilts. Each of the houses will present different exhibits which include sculptures, art works, objects from everyday life and also technology. Exhibitors meander on the pedestrian way much like walking in a city street. At night the effect is even more interesting.

Lots of little houses hanging in the air.

The pavilion at night - it really feels like walking in a city street.

Peep into the houses and you will see some interesting exhibits. This one shows a "typical" Dutch house interior.


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