Eating in Kuching - Another Special Dinner at The Junk

The Junk continues to surprise me, turning out really great food from it's tiny and modest kitchen. Recently we had another special dinner there. Again we fixed the budget and let the chefs do their magic. This time it was RM 100.00 per person for a 4 course dinner, half the budget of our earlier dinner.

As usual, dinner started with an entree of pizza. This time, instead of one mini-pizza per person, it was a bigger pizza to share. The taste was great, the crust crispy and slightly chewy in the centre. The combination of flavours was expertly done.

The first of the main courses came, and it was a poached cod fish with king prawn in a tomato broth. Needless to say - the fish was perfectly cooked and the sauce was a great accompaniment to the seafood. It was light and slightly tangy, not too strong as to overpower the dish.

The next course was an Australian Tenderloin served with a creamy sauce garnished with a generous dollop of caviar. The meat was tender and flavourful, with the sauce and caviar giving an extra dimension to the dish. Another great course.

The next course was New Zealand lamb chops accompanied by mashed potatoes mixed with mushroom and green peas. The lamb was tasty on it's own, not needing much seasoning.

Dessert was a trio of rich chocolate cake, mango fritter and a single strawberry. The cake was good, and the mango fritter really interesting. It would have been great matched with a scoop of ice cream instead of the strawberry.

All in all, another impressive and delicious dinner at The Junk. It is not easy sourcing such great ingredients in Kuching. Definitely the place to go if you want something a little bit special.


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