Sunday, April 27, 2008

Flora & Fauna at Balung Eco Resort 2

I caught this dragonfly while wondering around the resort.

This moth was flying around before finally settling down for me to get a shot.

Borneo is famous for it's orchids. This is an orange species.

These purple orchids are really beautiful.

I don't know what these flowers are,but they are beautiful.

Flora & Fauna at Balung Eco Resort

Have you seen a dragonfruit plant ?

This is how dragonfruits are grown.

This is a dragonfruit flower. Now you know why it's called a dragonfruit.

Coffee pods.

Coffee comes from this bush.

Balung Eco Resort Tawau

I was at the Balung Eco Resort in Tawau recently for a meeting. The resort is located in a 3,000 acre plantation. Built by the owner in mostly homespun architecture, the resort is quite charming. It is a good break from the city.

Most of the produce at the resort is grown in the plantation, so everything is fresh and supposedly eco-friendly. The food is mostly home-cooked style, simple but tasty.

A fresh water stream runs throgh the resort. An old timber bridge provide the crossing across the river.

Another river crossing - a suspension bridge.