Monday, May 19, 2008

Thompson Corner Tabuan Jaya Laksa

You can't get away from laksa in Kuching. Every coffeeshop you go you are guaranteed to get a laksa stall. But not all laksa is created equal. This stall in my oponion is among the top 3 in Kuching. It is located in the Thompson Corner Coffeeshop in Tabuan Jaya.

Order the laksa special and you get a generous serving with the usual prawns, shredded chicken and sliced egg omelette. Unusual for Kuching, you also get a generous amount of fresh clams. The gravy is standard Kuching style, but with a pronouced taste of coriander. 

Fu Yu Cafe Sekama Noodles

Another day, another coffeeshop. This time it's another one popular for it's noodle stall. This is the Fu Yu Coffeeshop in Sekama.

The best way to oder the noodle here is the Mee Kosong - Plain Noodles, with a seafood soup. The Kolon Mee here is one of the crunchiest in town. The taste is clean and dominated by the fried shallots. There is also a special ingredient of crushed deep fried fish mawl which gives it another layer of flavour.
The sea food soup is really nice. The main ingredients are fresh prawns and fish. They use very good quality fish here. I don't know what it is but it tastes really good and not fishy. The soup is light and tasty, no doubt with the help of quite a bit of MSG !

One of the things you can  have here as a side order is the deep fried fish fritters. I think it is mainly shark meat, it doesn't have a lot of taste, but the batter is very crunchy. Dipped into sweet chili sauce, it is quite nice !

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kuching Hawker Food 3

Another popular hawker centre in Kuching is the Chinese Temple Hawker Centre at Carpenter Street. There are only a few stalls here, but they are all very good.

The most popular stall is the noodle stall which sells Kolon Mee with fresh ingredients. I like the curly noodles which are more crunchy then the straight noodles. The noodles at this stall are not particularly crunchy, but the taste is really good.

Another popular dish here is the Meat Ball Soup - Pork Balls, Fish Balls, Prawn Balls and Deep-Fried Tauhu served in a light broth which is really tasty and satisfying. You can also order it with tanghung.

The Sour Plum Drink is a refreshing drink to drain away the heat for a hot day.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Kuching Hawker Food 2

One of the coffeeshops I regularly visit is the Chong Chon Cafe at Central Park Commercial Centre, 3rd Mile.
The laksa here is one of the best in town. Order the laksa special and you get a generous serving with prawns and chicken. The gravy is thick and very flavourful. Kuching Laksa is different from it's West Malaysian counterpart. The gravy is not curry or assam based, but made from a secret recipe of herbs and spices, thickened with coconut milk. There is usually a hint of coriander, and the laksa is normally garnished with a bunch of fresh coriander leaves.

This is the lady who makes the great-tasting laksa.

Another nice item you can have at this coffeeshop is the noodle special. The noodles are not like the normal Kolon Mee. These are thick noodles mixed with either carrot or spinach, providing a healthy dose of vegetable fibre. What a great idea ! What makes the dish special are the dumplings which are served with it. More like raviolis, the skin is flavoured with spinach and the filling is made from minced pork and fresh prawns. Really yummy !

You can also get nice local kueh at this coffeeshop. These are Kueh Salak (square) and Kueh Cangkeh (round).

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kuching Hawker Food

Kuching is a great place for hawker food. Kuching people loves to eat, and everywhere you go there is a coffeeshop just around the corner serving delicious food.

One of my favourites is Heng Hua Mee Soup. The noodles are thick - more like Japanese udons, served in a light broth with sliced belly pork, prawns, strips of egg omelette and seaweed. The soup has a subtle gingery flavour. It is delicious !

One of the coffeeshop staples is this drink.
Known locally as "Kopi Peng" - it is actually iced
coffee swettened with condensed milk.
This is a great drink to wash down the food.

Another Kuching favourite is the Kuching Sio Pao.
It is a mini meat pie with cha siu and meat filling.
The pastry is flaky but not toosoft. The Sio Pao at this
coffeeshop get the ratio between pastry and
filling just right.

This is the coffeeshop where you can have the Heng Hua
Mee Soup and Kuching Sio Pao - Home Made Specialities
Coffeeshop at Chan Chin Ann Road.